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Partner with IMS to transform your complex legal concepts into compelling, informative visuals that teach and motivate decision makers.

Strategic Visual Solutions for High-Stakes Dispute Resolution

Graphics are powerful tools that turn complicated matters into easily understood and engaging demonstratives. A well-designed presentation not only engages and educates, it can more than double the viewer’s ability to recall your evidence.

With in-depth knowledge of design theories and the psychology of courtroom viewers, IMS trial consultants and graphic artists work collaboratively to create memorable visuals that clarify your argument. Whether you have a significant case requiring years of collaboration or need targeted support on critical and cost-effective projects, our team provides in-person and virtual support across the globe.

IMS is much more than just a resource for insightful legal graphics—we are a valuable strategic partner who increases your chance for an optimal outcome.

IMS visual communication experts bring your case facts to life.

Beyond graphics production, our integrated team helps curate the key elements of your case strategy and ensure they are delivered with impact.

Innovative Visual Tools

For Arbitration, Litigation, & Mediation

We create the essential visual elements you need to succeed.

From physical to digital, our design team employs a variety of mediums to provide stand-alone visual support and comprehensive multimedia presentations for any phase of your case.

  • Custom illustrations
  • 2D & 3D animations
  • Videography, drone site surveys, day-in-the-life videos
  • Product photography
  • Multimedia and interactive presentations
  • Timelines and visual chronology
  • Complex mapping
  • Opening statement & closing argument
  • Bench & jury trials
  • Mediation & arbitration
  • Expert witness reports, witness statements, testimony
  • Focus groups & mock trials/arbitrations
  • Pre-trial & summary judgment hearings
  • Tutorial & Markman hearings
  • Internal presentations, press conferences, public hearings

Our team pioneered the use of interactive technology at trial and provides industry-leading multimedia services. With our exclusive chronology program, Chronos®, you are able to dynamically engage with your entire case from analysis and development through presentation.

Our media production specialists can also utilize site measurement, audio recording, videography, and photography to assist you (or your expert witness) in capturing evidence for later use in reports, in motions, and at in-person or remote proceedings.

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We have developed unique, sophisticated design theories and processes built on our understanding of how cases are won and how decision-makers learn visually, including:

The Five-Step Method for Visual Thinking

The Nesting-Doll Theory of Expert Testimony

The Theory of Toehold Learning

Information Architecture in Trial Graphics

The Taxonomy of Thirteen Key Graphics

Implementing these theoretical frameworks, we help you focus on the information viewers need to evaluate and retain your case facts—so they ultimately become your advocates. Contact us for more information.

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Creative Visual Strategists

Meet the experienced consultants and design experts who help the world’s top attorneys tell a convincing visual story.

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Case Studies

Deepwater Horizon Litigation

IMS Consulting & Expert Services partnered with Anadarko’s experts and litigation team to develop graphics and animation teaching all aspects of what led up to the disaster and the ensuing investigation.

Case Studies

NCAA Antitrust Litigation

A class of student athletes alleged that the defendants (the National Collegiate Athletic Association and eleven of its member conferences), violated federal antitrust law by conspiring to impose an artificial ceiling on the scholarships and benefits that student-athletes may receive as payment.

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