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We are experts in transforming complex fact patterns and complicated technical matters into easily understood, compelling, and persuasive visual presentations.

Powerful Graphics Teach and Persuade

IMS graphic designers work together with the trial consultants to conceive, design, and produce graphics that will deliver on the promise of your persuasion strategy. We possess in-depth knowledge not only about design theory but also about the psychology of courtroom viewers.

IMS delivers the tools you need to win.

Beyond trial graphics, we help curate the key elements of your case strategy and apply them thoughtfully and powerfully.

Proprietary Process and Methods

We have developed unique, innovative, and sophisticated design theories and processes built on our understanding of how cases are won and how decision-makers learn visually. They include:

The Five-Step Method for Visual Thinking

The Nesting-Doll Theory of Expert Testimony

The Theory of Toe-Hold Learning

Information Architecture in Trial Graphics

The Taxonomy of Thirteen Key Graphics

Implementing these theoretical frameworks, we help you focus on the information jurors need to evaluate, retain, and understand your case—so that they ultimately become your advocates.

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Demonstrative Production

Great design engages, educates, and can more than double a juror’s ability to recall your evidence. Graphics are important tools that help decision-makers become effective advocates for your side during deliberations. Our trial consultants and designers can produce demonstrative evidence in any media:

  • Summary judgment hearings
  • Claim construction hearings
  • Arbitrations and mediations
  • Press conferences and public hearings
  • Live and interactive tutorials
  • Trial – opening, closing, and key-witness displays
  • Expert reports
  • 2D/3D animations and presentations
  • Videography services—site surveys, day-in-the-life videos
  • Product photography
  • Still images, charts, graphs

We pioneered the use of interactive technology at trial and continue to be the leader in that area. Using site measurement, audio recording, or videography and photography, our media production specialists can assist you or your expert witness in capturing evidence for later use in reports, in motions, and at in-person or remote trials.

Together We Win

Trial Graphics

Our trial graphics team helps you tell a convincing visual story with stunning displays that enlighten and persuade jurors.

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“IMS’s ability to understand the critical issues and convey the answers simply and graphically is uncanny and highly effective. In short, they are the best.”

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“The people at IMS think visually, which many lawyers can’t do. Yet, they also understand the legal concepts as well as the most experienced trial lawyers do.”

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“IMS provided a top-notch team, onsite, that worked very hard and long hours…their support, creativity, and quality of work product was outstanding throughout.”

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Teaching Tips for IP Trial Lawyers

Tips on how trial lawyers can present intellectual property cases in a way that is engaging and understandable.

Case Studies

United States v. FedEx Corporation

Despite facing an 18-count indictment and up to $1.6 billion in fines, FedEx knew it was not guilty, declined to enter a non-prosecution agreement, and assembled a legal team, including IMS Consulting & Expert Services, to prove the overnight delivery company had done nothing illegal.

Case Studies

Deepwater Horizon Litigation

IMS Consulting & Expert Services partnered with Anadarko’s experts and litigation team to develop graphics and animation teaching all aspects of what led up to the disaster and the ensuing investigation.

Case Studies

NCAA Antitrust Litigation

A class of student athletes alleged that the defendants (the National Collegiate Athletic Association and eleven of its member conferences), violated federal antitrust law by conspiring to impose an artificial ceiling on the scholarships and benefits that student-athletes may receive as payment.

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