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My Case Isn’t Going to Trial, So Why Do I Need a Trial Consultant?

Your case doesn’t have to end up in trial for consultants to have a BIG impact on your strategy. Learn more from Drs. Jill Leibold and Christina Marinakis.


Good Company Stories: How Jurors Assess Corporations and What That Means for Your Litigation

Jury Consultants Alex Jay and David Metz explain the components of a good company story and how to position your client for a positive reception by jurors.


An Insider’s Guide to Tutorial Production

The tutorial is your first opportunity to create a visual narrative for your IP case and help the judge understand your facts. Learn more from an expert.


5 Winning Courtroom Tips From the Hot Seat

After 20+ years in the hot seat. IMS Director of Trial Presentation & Technology Jeff Dahm shares valuable strategies for trial attorneys.


What Makes Your Expert Witness the Best Witness? Social Science Research Highlights the Roles of Credibility and Influence

IMS Strategy Consultant Clint Townson, PhD discusses what social science tells us about the factors informing expert witnesses’ credibility and influence.


Psychiatry, Law, & Expert Witness Experience – Episode 38

Forensic psychiatrist and elite expert witness Dr. Neil Kaye talks to host Adam Bloomberg about psychiatry, law, and preparing for cross-examination.

Case Studies

Caught on Tape: Finding a Video Production Expert

IMS found a video production expert to testify about the impact of equipment on video quality for a breach of contract dispute against a sports agency.


Social Media Dos & Don’ts for Expert Witnesses

Credibility is key. Learn what expert witnesses need to know about their social media activity before entering an engagement or testifying at trial.


Legal Strategy, Mental Health Conditions & Rising Social Media Illnesses – Episode 39

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Neil Kaye discusses legal strategy, common clinical and forensic mental health issues, and the rise in social media-related cases.


How to Make the Most of Multimedia in the Courtroom

Today’s jurors expect multimedia, but you must balance visual communication with personal connection. Maximize your trial presentation with these tips.


Mental Illness & Gun Ownership, The Stigma of Mental Health, Industry Trends, & Mentors – Episode 40

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Neil Kaye speaks on mental illness and guns, mental health stigmas, psychiatry and healthcare trends, and expert witness mentors.

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