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We provide flawless delivery in the war room and courtroom, eliminate surprises, and ensure a seamless presentation in court—and you gain peace of mind.

Trial Is a Team Event

Going to trial is our business. We know that a successful trial team must work in perfect unison. We have the perspective, experience, and stamina to pull together through the long days and nights of trial.

As integrated members of your trial team, we provide an expert level of courtroom and war room support that ensures seamless presentation of your case. With IMS’s award-winning trial techs in your corner, you can focus all your mental energy on presenting a winning case for your client. Contact us for more information.

Your clients trust us, too.

Our timely and precise delivery will help advance your case.

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Having the consulting team from IMS on-site multiplies the power and efficiency of your trial team. Communication and trial preparation is more efficient. Jury selection is more organized and thorough. The friendships and trust gained during this shared experience are crucial for a successful trial.

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Trial presentation is both an art and a science. Like all art, it requires training, patience, and practice to achieve perfection. Each of our trial techs has more than 10 years of experience presenting evidence in trials, arbitrations, hearings, and mock trials. You can feel confident that we will show the judge and jury exactly what you want them to see, precisely when you want them to see it.

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You can trust us to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. The portions of the deposition video that you want the courtroom to see will be displayed quickly and accurately.

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Our trial presentation services are designed to give you peace of mind during all presentation matters, so you can focus on representing your clients without distraction.

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From New York to San Diego, from Anchorage to Miami, and hundreds of gleaming cities and dusty towns in between, every consultant at IMS is ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, to be your partner, in any one of these places.

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Seamless presentation is essential for today’s virtual proceedings. The IMS trial technology specialists you rely on in the courtroom are ready to expertly manage your online legal proceeding.

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Trusted by the Best

“Over the course of nearly three decades, I have worked with many trial support firms. IMS is far and away the best. I can’t imagine trying a case without IMS as part of my trial team.”

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Senior Counsel

“IMS is the paragon of professionalism.”

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“They fully understand the demands of trial crunch time and I would not choose to work with any other outfit.”

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Together We Win

Trial Presentation

Our trial presentation team becomes an extension of your own, providing reliable support every step of the way.

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After 20+ years in the hot seat. IMS Director of Trial Presentation & Technology Jeff Dahm shares valuable strategies for trial attorneys.


Five Tips for Enhancing Your Virtual Proceedings

Virtual proceedings became the new normal for 2020, and they will continue to be used. Consider these tips to ensure your online proceedings run as smoothly as possible.


The Post-COVID (Remote) Courtroom: Digital Bailiffs, Best Practices, and Perspectives on the Staying Power of the Remote Courtroom – Episode 21

In this episode of the IMS Insights Podcast, we speak with Jeff Dahm, Director of Trial Presentation & Technology, about how the legal industry has pivoted toward online proceedings.

Case Studies

Butamax v. Gevo

IMS helped Cooley attorneys to defend against patent infringement allegations waged against Gevo and to assert Gevo’s own patents.

Case Studies

Aetna v. Bay Area Surgical Management

IMS Consulting & Expert Services was retained to provide graphics and trial presentation services for Gibson Dunn and co-counsel. Over the course of the four-week trial, IMS worked with lead counsel to develop demonstratives for the opening statement, expert witnesses, and closing arguments.

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