When stakes are high, the most influential attorneys and firms rely on IMS Consulting & Expert Services to position their case for success.

An Extension of Your Team

IMS is your ally through all stages of complex dispute resolution, whether it be litigation, mediation, or arbitration (domestic and international). When you work with our fully integrated teams, you secure the advantage—your case themes become solid, your experts know how to advance those themes, your graphics have the power to engage, and your arguments are effectively presented.

Seamless Support from First Thought to Finish

IMS offers consultative trial and expert services for every phase of your case, delivering the five essential tools you need for an optimal outcome:

  1. A well-developed, compelling case story
  2. Testifying experts who clarify and inform
  3. Rigorous jury research to test and validate your strategy
  4. Powerful visual advocacy to engage and educate
  5. Flawlessly delivered courtroom presentations (on site and online)
Gain the winning edge.

With 30+ years’ experience in more than 43,000 cases and 6,000 trials, IMS is your destination for expertise in complex litigation.

OUR Services

Once the elements of your integrated strategy are identified, a consistent thread travels through each of our services:


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Senior Counsel

“Of the several expert search firms I contacted, there is no comparison as to the quality of service and results I received from IMS.”

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“IMS helps me see things the way the jury will, which makes a critical difference when preparing for trial.”

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“There is no way that I would have found the expert IMS brought us. He was a perfect fit.”

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