Whether your client is a startup or a conglomerate in the technology, media, and telecommunications industry, IMS knows how to identify the expertise you need to educate decision makers about the most complex issues.

The technology, media, & telecommunications (TMT) industry is the harbinger of progress in the business marketplace, from fintech to multinational media, electronics to telecom. In our rapidly changing digital environment, you can trust IMS to provide the technical expertise to explain the intricacies of TMT-specific disputes.

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The bread and butter of a digital enterprise is its intellectual property. The information you need to communicate can be difficult to understand, and there cannot be any misinterpretation of the facts or issues.

The technical nature of a TMT case can be daunting to a lay juror. IMS masterfully creates the visual story with clarity and impact. Whether you are in need of jury consulting, strategy, or trial presentation services—or you want to pull out the stops with integrated services to prove your case—IMS is your topline resource.

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The right expert witness is critical to the outcome of your technology, media, and telecommunications case. In the end, the verdict is always a function of whether the technical evidence was clearly explained to judges, arbitrators, mediators, or juries.

Not only can IMS perfectly match the right expert to the precise needs of your complex matter, but we have a proven ability to design and execute the communication strategy to give you the edge in the courtroom.


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