IMS consultants and expert witness partners have a long history of supporting law firms and corporate in-house counsel in employment- and labor-related arbitrations and trials in state and federal courts.

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Over the last 30+ years, IMS has helped employers successfully resolve disputes involving allegations of discrimination, retaliation, violation of wage and hour regulations, employment contracts, and workplace safety.  The practice of labor and employment law is constantly changing, and most recently, as a result of COVID-19 and shifts toward a remote global workforce, those changes have occurred at an increasingly rapid pace. In response to these events, not only have employment and labor laws, regulations, and administrative guidance changed, but the mindsets of judges and jurors who decide employment cases have altered as well.

By conducting painstaking social science-based research, IMS litigation consultants have kept ahead of the legal, psychological, and social trends that will affect the outcome of your employment or labor dispute. Based on research concerning jurors’ evolving views toward various industries and workplace practices, our jury consultants will help you make informed decisions during voir dire. Together with our strategy advisors and visual communication specialists, they use research data to help you pinpoint and illustrate the arguments that will truly hold sway with courtroom decision makers.

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When your client is headed to trial, you need an expert who possesses deep knowledge concerning the local, state, federal, and global laws and regulations pertinent to their specific business type.

IMS offers the world’s foremost experts in the fields of financial services, technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, life sciences, insurance, manufacturing, and consumer products. You will be aligned with an expert well-equipped to explain complex case issues and to establish or challenge claims of economic damages in ways fact finders truly understand and find compelling.


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