Whether protecting your intellectual property or countering claims of infringement, you need a case that convinces decision makers your interpretation is the correct one.

IMS has provided its entire range of services in a vast array of patent infringement, copyright, trademark, and trade secret matters, and our clients can attest to the results. Rely on our litigation and industry experts to hone your Markman arguments, prepare for PTAB proceedings, or develop your case presentation for trial.

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Judges, jurors, and arbitrators must understand the highly technical subject matter and the applicable laws to render informed decisions. But experience also shows us that laypeople often consider the case more in terms of perceived context and motives than of esoteric law and jargon. Without a cohesive narrative that accounts for these diverse variables, courtroom viewers are prone to making assumptions—and your client may pay the price.

At any stage of your intellectual property case, call on our litigation consultants to provide strategic guidance, insightful research, or witness preparation. Leverage our graphics team to develop logical, digestible tutorials and images of your devices, processes, and arguments, then present your claims flawlessly with our best-in-class technicians.

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Having an expert witness able to speak simply and intelligently about the intellectual property at hand can be a crucial part of your success. But given the breadth of product types and concepts any given IP case may cover, the experts you need may be few and far between.

For decades, IMS has performed tireless, customized witness searches to assist clients with their trickiest of requests.  We have placed experts for such IP matters as international technology, medical device design, biopharmaceutical licensing, and LED luminescence conversion. You can count on us to locate, vet, and align you with the ideal expert witness to advance your intellectual property case.


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My most recent experience with IMS reminded me why I want to work with them on all my IP cases. Their can-do, collaborative attitude, great ideas, bench depth, and high-quality work helps our trial teams win cases. They are a valuable asset during the many phases of any IP case.”

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