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Between negative media coverage and negative personal experiences, many courtroom viewers carry unfavorable attitudes about insurance companies. Claims like bad faith become that much more credible when they align with jurors’ expectations. To convince them of your case, it is imperative to understand how those in your venue will respond to the defense theory and the plaintiff’s motives behind the lawsuit.

Our strategy and research consultants use meticulous analysis to hone a story that resonates. Then, our graphics team brings that story to life so the court can grasp even your most complicated policy documents. With our seasoned technicians running the presentation, your claim will be convincingly clear.

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Many people struggle with long, confusing policy documents and the intricacies of insurance law. And courtroom viewers who are skeptical of insurance providers need an expert witness who breaks down the rules and rationales in relatable, human terms. Rather than overwhelm them with unfamiliar jargon and pages of fine print, we seek out experts able to teach decision makers exactly what they need in order to grasp your unique case.


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