This business is not always fun and games. If you are facing or pursuing litigation in hospitality, sports, or entertainment, IMS is here to help you achieve an optimal outcome.

Clients come to IMS with their highest-exposure cases because our expert consultants offer unmatched insights into how triers of fact will view their arguments. We have assisted parties across the spectrum, including sports leagues and teams, hotels, event venues, agents and management firms, online travel sites, and restaurants. From cases involving contract disputes, tortious interference, premises liability, intellectual property, employment, and false advertising, we know firsthand how decision-makers’ personal views of and experiences with the industry and its players can inform their rationales as they absorb the evidence.

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IMS offers strategy services to nail down key case needs and guide your trial team along a well-defined litigation game plan.

Our jury consultants can design research tailored to meet your goals, testing your case with representative participants from your venue and using their feedback—and our expertise—to develop pithy themes suited to your eventual audience. We can also create a statistical jury profile and voir dire strategy to ensure your case is heard only by those who can be fair—even more crucial in the event of a high-profile case that receives media exposure.

To supplement each point you make, our trial graphics artists and presentation technologists craft sharp, approachable visuals that meet jurors’ mounting graphical expectations. Each visual emphasizes your key themes and translates complex arguments into terms any viewer can understand.

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Jurors may have a superficial sense of how the hospitality, sports, and entertainment industry works, but most have a lot to learn about its distinct functions and protocols—let alone the claims and laws relevant to any given case. To help them understand in a way that benefits your arguments, you need an expert who can bridge that gap.

IMS works closely with your team to locate experts adeptly suited to your needs. We ensure you land a witness with the credentials, knowledge, and eloquence to build credibility and lay out your case clearly and convincingly.


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More than 95% of our business comes from repeat client firms.

“Our discussions with the jury after the verdict revealed that IMS’ work had a major impact on how the jury viewed the case and it helped them to see the dispute from our client’s perspective.”

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“IMS did a really good job on the search. They moved me 70 to 80 yards closer to the goal line.”

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