IMS is an essential partner to law firms that represent corporations, executive officers, and individual clients involved in high-stakes criminal investigations and litigation.

IMS consultants have extensive experience assisting with cases related to federal and state false claims laws, healthcare fraud, antitrust allegations, securities and commodities fraud, financial institutions fraud, misappropriation of trade secrets, environmental crimes, and state attorney general actions. In addition to our team of case strategists, jury consultants, graphic design experts, and presentation technicians, IMS is the nation’s leading provider of expert witnesses.

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Many white-collar crime cases are high-profile, which means members of your venire may come to the courtroom with preconceived notions that are unfavorable toward your client. You need to be able to spot these potential decision makers before they make it into the jury box.

IMS jury consultants are renowned for their ability to conduct community attitude surveys, focus groups, and mock trials that thoroughly test your case and provide you with the precise information you need to know. Our strategy advisors work closely with these researchers to help customize your themes and arguments so they will appeal to your likely audience. Your case concepts are then translated visually by our visual communication experts and presented seamlessly by our skilled hot seat operators.

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If your corporate client is involved in significant white-collar criminal litigation, rely on IMS to locate and engage the ideal expert to offer in-depth knowledge of the specific industries, laws, and regulations most relevant to their case.

Our expert partners have high-level expertise concerning protocols of various industries, including healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceuticals, technology, life science, and real estate. In addition to reviewing case facts to uncover information of benefit to your client (which can help you argue for reduced forfeiture and restitution amounts), they will clearly relay their opinions if called to testify in the courtroom.


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