IMS litigation consultants and expert witness partners support attorneys to improve outcomes in a variety of bankruptcy-related settings involving diverse and complex financial issues.

In a rapidly changing and sometimes unstable global economy, bankruptcy issues can make or break a company’s long-term financial prospects. No matter your role in bankruptcy proceedings, we understand the unique strengths and difficulties of your case, and we are ready to help.

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Underneath the complicated subject matter inherent in your bankruptcy proceeding lies a core financial story. Revealing that story and telling it in a clear and compelling way motivates decision makers to develop a fuller understanding of your client’s case—and increasing their comprehension increases your chances of a favorable outcome.

Whether your client is a creditor, debtor, lender, trustee, or investor, IMS trial consultants help you sift through the minutiae to uncover that impactful story. Our jury research team goes on to refine your story through rigorous testing. Our graphics artists and trial technicians then develop and deliver a flawless visual presentation, in person or remotely, at any court throughout the US and abroad.

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IMS has a pool of experts equipped to testify in corporate bankruptcy cases on such matters as lost profits, fraudulent transfers, business interruption, financial projection analyses, and insolvency. Each has impeccable credentials and experience testifying in courtrooms. Our experts also possess extensive knowledge concerning the valuation of a wide range of industries, including but not limited to real estate, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, life sciences, and consumer products.

Still looking for the best testifying expert for your bankruptcy matter? We have an unrivaled search team and database to track down even the most specialized witnesses. With the world’s leading experts on your side, you can be assured the opinions they offer in the courtroom will hold up to scrutiny.


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