Whether you are representing public agencies or private clients, IMS can provide the case strategists, design consultants, expert witnesses, and presentation techs that will enable your client to succeed in any setting.

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Administrative agencies, and the businesses subject to their controls, operate within a complex regulatory framework and face an array of legal issues. IMS trial consultants and graphic designers will turn the legal issues facing your regulator or regulated-industry client into an understandable and compelling courtroom presentation. We have particular experience supporting clients who come before the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Review Board, International Trade Commission, US Securities and Exchange Commission, and Internal Revenue Service.

Of course, your client need not be embroiled in active litigation to benefit from our services. We know that much of the work conducted by administrative and regulatory attorneys involves helping clients understand and comply with legal requirements so they can avoid lawsuits in the first place. Leverage our capabilities to help your team craft clear and engaging presentations for this purpose.

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IMS has access to experts who possess rare and specialized knowledge concerning highly regulated industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy, environment, trade, manufacturing, telecommunications, real estate and land use, securities, and banking. But credentials alone are not enough; our experts are carefully vetted to ensure they have the charisma to convey their knowledge confidently and impactfully. Furthermore, IMS expert partners and attorney clients receive dedicated support throughout the life of the case.


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