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With decades of litigation experience and strategic unions with the renowned firms The Focal Point, Litigation Insights, Z-Axis, Precise Trial & Tsongas Litigation Consulting, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive services for every phase of high-stakes dispute resolution.

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Case Studies

Lendlease Construction Inc. v. Circa 1200, et al.

IMS quickly assisted the Perkins Coie team with an expert witness search and developed powerful trial graphics that helped jurors find in Lendlease’s favor.


What Is Causing Today’s Massive Verdicts—and What Can We Do About It?

Dr. Christina Marinakis explains how trial lawyers can defend against the Reptile Strategy & mitigate psychosocial factors to prevent massive damage awards.


Improving Expert Witness Credibility in the Eyes of the Jury

Discover the factors jurors use to evaluate an expert’s credibility and learn how personal experiences can affect jurors’ perceptions of expert testimony.


An Insider’s Guide to Tutorial Production

The tutorial is your first opportunity to create a visual narrative for your IP case and help the judge understand your facts. Learn more from an expert.


5 Winning Courtroom Tips From the Hot Seat

After 20+ years in the hot seat. IMS Director of Trial Presentation & Technology Jeff Dahm shares valuable strategies for trial attorneys.


Global Dispute Resolution: The Future of Virtual Legal Proceedings Is Shaped by Soaring Travel Costs

Learn why virtual legal proceedings are the strategic choice to save on travel expenses and increase productivity in international dispute resolution.


Mental Health in the Legal Field – Episode 59

Organizational psychologist & author Melissa Doman, MA discusses mental health in the legal field and how to focus on mental well-being during trial.

Case Studies

Hashing It Out: Finding a Cryptocurrency Expert

For a class action lawsuit, IMS was asked to find an expert to explain cryptocurrency valuation and how hashing power impacts crypto blockchain management.


Employee Assistance Programs & Career Balance – Episode 60

Organizational psychologist & author Melissa Doman, MA discusses employee assistance programs and balancing mental well-being with a stressful career.

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More than 95% of our business comes from repeat client firms.

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