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The IMS team you trust in the courtroom is primed to manage your online legal proceedings. When the stakes are high, our experts help you present your best virtual case.

TrialLink® Virtual Technology Services

Elevate your online proceeding with our broadcast-quality remote studio and seamless technical support. IMS’s TrialLink® virtual services are secure, reliable, and available to help you succeed in any setting—so you can focus on advocating for your client.

When your high-stakes trial, mediation, or arbitration calls for expertise in remote presentations, rely on our experienced team and industry-leading virtual services. Walk in, present your case, and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Studio-quality production, regardless of your location.

Remote proceedings and hybrid trials are here to stay. Position yourself to win with our virtual services.


Whether you need a simple office “set” or a full off-site production, we bring the remote studio to you with cameras, microphones, speakers, monitors, cables, and lighting. IMS’s broadcast-quality equipment ensures you look and sound your best while minimizing distractions.

The virtual proceeding can be transmitted to any videoconferencing platform over a secure connection. To streamline communication, all parties utilizing our broadcast are visible on the same screen in one viewing box.


Our skilled technician provides hot seat assistance so your team can focus on the proceeding itself. Your exhibits are managed in real time and evidence is displayed on your behalf using industry-leading trial presentation software over the videoconferencing platform.

Our technician also manages all aspects of the virtual production with multiple cameras, presenters, document displays, video testimony, and anything else your case requires.


Just like a studio set, you come in and make your case without ever touching the technology. Our technician serves as a production engineer and neutral host, providing support to all parties in a virtual proceeding.

With 15+ years’ experience, our virtual support team can handle all aspects of your remote proceeding—including a secure connection, evidence display, and private breakout rooms. We carefully test all equipment and employ a redundant set up to mitigate technical issues and give you peace of mind.

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Virtual Support

Our virtual technology consultants ensure your case is clear and your presentation is flawless.  


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