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We help take boxes of documents filled with complex matters and turn them into a compelling story that shows jurors why they should care and why you should win.

Tell a Great Story

Stories that don’t resonate aren’t worth telling. The best trial lawyers are teachers who can advance the most powerful tool—a great story. When a story is told in a compelling way, the result is increased understanding and empathy from listeners.

IMS’s propriety Mental Mining® sessions are the most effective way to uncover what your case is really about so you can increase your chances of winning. Through these strategy meetings, we help you develop the factual theory of your case, identify themes, create a powerful story for the jury, and sketch the critical demonstrative ideas for trial. The result is a coherent strategy action plan designed around a powerful case story.

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Our Persuasion Process

Search Initial Case Evaluation

After a brief review of the case, initial evaluations in response to known facts, proffered theories, optics, politics, etc., are provided in a one-hour session. Our first impressions, based on our years of experience trying cases before juries, offer insights into challenges, opportunities, and possible next steps for case development. This evaluation session can be a good time to discuss discovery strategies, settlement advocacy, expert witness requirements, venue analysis, jury research, and other services you may need.


Our Mental Mining sessions include guided discussions to clarify and distill case themes and record the results. Together, we will develop the factual theory of the case, identify underlying themes, create our “story” for the jury, and sketch the critical demonstrative ideas for trial.

Mental Mining sessions are most valuable when performed early in the case, but they can be conducted at any time and repeatedly in response to case developments.

Search Trial Summits

Generally full-day sessions, trial summits are held shortly after the end of discovery but while there is still sufficient time before trial to make sure that all stakeholders are aligned on the facts, the legal strategy, trial themes, logistics, etc. The team decides between alternative theories and creates a detailed agenda for the trial presentation and items that must be accomplished prior to trial.

Search Advisory Sessions

An advisory session can be held at any time with a strategy advisor who will help prepare witnesses, participate in research exercises, work with others on key demonstratives, review opening statements or closing arguments, monitor the trial for real-time strategy adjustments, and participate in post-verdict analysis.

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“Having IMS help with trial preparation is like getting into a German luxury car. It is art and function in one. Many complex ideas are reduced to a few simple and understandable controls. This is the result of serious thought and focused creativity. I feel much safer with that kind of power at my disposal.”

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Persuasion Strategy

Our persuasion strategy team uncovers core themes to help you develop an engaging case story with compelling arguments.

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Case Studies

United States v. FedEx Corporation

Despite facing an 18-count indictment and up to $1.6 billion in fines, FedEx knew it was not guilty, declined to enter a non-prosecution agreement, and assembled a legal team, including IMS Consulting & Expert Services, to prove the overnight delivery company had done nothing illegal.


Connecting Themes at Trial to Juror Types and Values – Episode 15

IMS Trial Strategy Advisor, G. Christopher Ritter shares about the core values that motivate jurors and about connecting themes at trial.

Case Studies

Align Technology, Inc. v. ClearCorrect, Inc. et al.

The Align team relied on our full suite of services during this litigation. IMS Consulting & Expert Services produced two technology tutorials, claim construction slides for preliminary hearings, and a series of expert and trial demonstratives.


Helping Jurors Make Sense of Complex Cases

Senior Strategy Advisor and Jury Consultant Chris Ritter, discusses how to simplify complex cases and the topics that surround them.

Case Studies

Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Plan Trust v. PwC

Charged with explaining the auditors’ public duty and responsibilities to the jury, IMS worked side by side with lead plaintiff attorney Steven Thomas and the trial team over several months to develop trial graphics and demonstrative aids for key motions, opening statement, and use with expert witnesses.

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