Tina Grenier

Lead Recruiting Consultant

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As a lead recruiting consultant at IMS Consulting & Expert Services, Tina Grenier vets and qualifies the best possible expert consultants and testifying witnesses for IMS clients. She is responsible for motivating team members and driving recruitment activity to deliver top results, as well as providing daily assistance and facilitating communication and direction between client relationship managers, researchers, and associate recruiters. Tina positions all aspects of the terms of engagement in concert with the expert witness search team, incorporating IMS pricing guidelines and specific project requirements such as market demand, budget, retainer, and rate structures.

Tina’s expertise lies in establishing best practices and business processes to drive efficiency and quality, as well as training new recruiters and associate recruiters. She thoroughly enjoys mentoring colleagues and new employees to help them source, qualify, and secure top-notch expert witness candidates for multiple positions.

To support IMS clients in finding their perfect expert, Tina relies on a diverse background across a variety of industries, including accounting, sales, management, recruiting, and sourcing. During her more than 10 years with IMS, Tina has been part of many notable cases and projects. She appreciates the satisfaction of the “purple unicorn” searches when IMS is able to find the exact expert witness the client needs—no matter how obscure the request. Tina has helped to locate and engage experts in everything from parachute design to flow cytometers for the assessment of animal virility.

Outside of work, Tina enjoys spending time with her family and their Doberman, Zeus. Together they enjoy boating, swimming, gardening, and fishing. Tina is also an active volunteer at her son’s elementary school.

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