Stephanie Jones

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The art of storytelling has been a central theme in Stephanie Jones’ 20-year career. Beginning in film, theater, and television as a producer, director, and actor laid the foundation for her understanding of the power held by a well-told story. From there, Stephanie came to Z-Axis and served as a production assistant on some of the company’s largest cases. In that role, she lent her expertise in framing and contextualizing a set of concepts and premises into a cohesive storyline that engages an audience and conveys the client’s message. For the last several years, Stephanie has been a member of the business development team where she focuses on serving clients on the US west coast, as well as in government-related matters.

As a Senior Client Solutions Manager with IMS, Stephanie loves the art of responding to unique challenges and appreciating the singular nature of each client, each case, and each situation. Clients depend on Stephanie’s track record of intuitive, experienced, and creative thinking to guide them to just the right visual solutions.

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