Jennifer Nemecek

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Jennifer Nemecek is a seasoned jury consultant with more than 20 years of experience in litigation consulting. She assists with the design, implementation, and analysis of focus groups, mock trials, and deliberation groups and collaborates with trial teams during the jury de-selection process. Jennifer has worked in almost all genres of litigation, including employment, product liability, toxic tort, medical malpractice, contract disputes, and intellectual property.

Jennifer specializes in the development of supplemental juror questionnaires (SLQs) and the analysis and interpretation of jurors’ responses. She was instrumental in developing and implementing an internal jury selection method for coding trial jurors’ written responses to SJQs, which aids in developing additional voir dire, identifying cause strikes, and making more intelligent and strategic decisions for the use of peremptory strikes.

Jennifer earned a BA in criminal and juvenile justice studies at Ithaca College and holds an associate degree in paralegal studies from Denver Business College.

Notable publications and presentations:

  • Nemecek, J & Steele, P. (2014). How to Preserve Confidentiality in Mock Trials or Focus Groups. Insights.
  • Nemecek, J. (2014). Maintaining Confidentiality in the Digital World. Insights.
  • Nemecek, J. (2011). Jury selection logistics: Developing a system. Insights.
  • Pitera, M.J. & Nemecek, J. (2009). Arguing hardship – You can’t have it both ways. Insights.

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