David Metz

Associate Jury Consultant

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David Metz brings an important marketing and storytelling perspective to his role as Associate Jury Consultant at IMS Consulting & Expert Services, helping clients to better understand the juror audience and the messaging required to reach them. Clients also benefit from David’s skill in developing test designs and questionnaires for jury research exercises, as well as his ability to analyze the research data to develop actionable, strategic recommendations.

In addition to his jury consulting work, David is a proficient copywriter and editor who has developed a strong sense of the nuances associated with specific case genres. Using this knowledge, he helps clients craft thematic narratives that speak to jurors across many different venues. David is a valuable contributor to IMS thought leadership initiatives, providing insight into emerging litigation trends and industry best practices. He also has substantial experience reviewing project reports to ensure the language is accurate, clear, and concise for the end reader.

David has had a life-long passion for writing and analysis. Before being drawn to the field of litigation consulting, he began his professional career as a marketing copywriter for several non-profit organizations and a digital marketing agency. He earned a bachelor’s degree in both English and International Relations (with a marketing and global business focus) from the University of Southern California. David now resides in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife. He enjoys many creative pursuits, including songwriting and music production, playing guitar, and cooking.

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