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IMS Senior Jury Consultant Bob Gerchen works with clients to develop courtroom themes by identifying the key educational and emotional elements of a case and creating a compelling narrative around them. Furthermore, he assists with the sequence and preparation of witnesses to ensure maximum storytelling impact.

Clients have often called on Bob to present the opposing case for mock trials. He has also developed numerous multimedia presentations for mediation that are designed to expose the weaknesses of the other side’s argument and motivate opposing decision makers to be more flexible in the negotiation process.

At last count, Bob has worked in 126 separate venues across 34 states and the District of Columbia. His legal consulting career began in the 1990s with the Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office Hardcore Gang Unit, where he trained attorneys in courtroom communication skills and assisted with argument preparation and courtroom presence.

Bob has published numerous articles and authored the book 101 Quick Courtroom Tips for Busy Lawyers. He earned an undergraduate degree in Foreign Studies and Russian from the University of Missouri Columbia. Now based in St. Louis, Missouri, Bob enjoys hockey, long distance cycling, and mountain climbing. His climbing adventures include Mt. Whitney, Mt. Rainier, The Matterhorn, five Colorado Fourteeners, and Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Notable publications and presentations:

  • Leibold, J. & Gerchen, R. (2020). How to Keep Your Expert Witness from Crumbling on Cross. Insights.
  • Gerchen, R. (2019). Ask the Experts: Ethical Dilemmas Panel. ASTC 38th National Conference, St. Louis, MO.
  • Gerchen, R. (2019). Why So Many Mediations Fail, and How You Can Up Your Success Rate. Insights.
  • Gerchen, R. (2017). How Long Should Closing Arguments Last in Trial? Insights.
  • Gerchen, R. (2015). How Do I Avoid Poisoning the Jury Pool? Insights.
  • Gerchen, R. (2015). How Long Should Opening Statements in a Trial Last? Insights.
  • Gerchen, R. (2014). How to Get the Judge to Accept a Supplemental Juror Questionnaire. Insights.
  • Gerchen, R. (2014). How to Help a Jury Understand Complex LitigationInsights.
  • Gerchen, R. (2014). Making the Most of Voir Dire When You’ve Got 15 Minutes. Insights.
  • Gerchen, R. (2014). Why Didn’t My Witness Do What I Told Him to Do during Witness Preparation? Insights.

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