IMS Senior Jury Consultant Aref Jabbour Discusses the Impact of COVID-Related Trial Delays on Jurors

Screenshot of remote news interview. A dark-haired bearded man wearing a collared shirt and navy blazer sits in front of a Zoom background showing the IMS logo and an empty conference room. The words COVID-Related Court Cancellations is shown in a yellow bar over the screen next to the segment's logo.

January 13, 2022

IMS Senior Jury Consultant Aref Jabbour, PhD spoke to Tony Galli from WKOW-ABC 27 News in Madison, WI about COVID-related trial delays and juror attitudes during the pandemic era. Sharing insights from internal jury research and his experience in courtrooms across the country, Aref discussed the potential impact of these delays and the importance of jurors in advancing COVID-era cases.

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