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Should Your Expert’s Presentation Match Your Case?

IMS Trial Consulting Lead Dan Martin examines the risks and rewards of coordinating your expert witness presentation with your trial presentation.


The Art of Teaching Complex Technology in Patent Litigation – Episode 67

Dr. Ian Cullimore & Dan Martin offer strategies for teaching complex technologies, expert presentations, technology tutorials, and patent litigation trends.


How Safetyism Is Driving High Plaintiff Verdicts – Episode 68

IMS jury consultants Dr. Jill Leibold and Dr. Nick Polavin share new safetyism research results and defense strategies to avoid high plaintiff verdicts.


Working with Experts Under the New 702 Rule

Learn why the Rule 702 amendments will subject expert testimony to a higher admissibility standard and how to work with experts under the new rule.


(Not So) Expert Testimony: How Jurors Make Sense of Questionable Science

IMS Associate Jury Consultant Alexa Hiley explains the psychology behind how jurors respond to expert witness testimony—including those with “junk science”.

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