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What the Best Expert Witnesses Are Not

What makes a good expert witness? Three renowned experts and a top-performing litigator provide insights for judges, jurors, attorneys, and other experts.

Case Studies

Flash Drive Dispute: Finding a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Expert

IMS was asked to locate an expert in USB flash drive design who could review the patents and assist with claims construction in a patent infringement case.


What Does a Mock Trial Cost?

Dr. Merrie Jo Pitera, IMS Senior Director of Jury Consulting, shares what factors are involved in mock trial costs and how they affect project reliability.


Instructional Technology & Expert Witness Success – Episode 43

Sam Rogers, IMS Elite Expert in social media industry and instructional technology, discusses corporate training development and innovation in legislation.


How to Best Connect Trial Evidence and Witness Testimony to Case Themes

Themes are the key vehicles for helping jurors understand how evidence and testimony support your case story and answer the question, “What happened here?”

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