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Your Millennial Attorney CAN Be Your Hot Seat Operator—But Should They?

Client Services Advisor Adam Bloomberg and Associate Jury Consultant David Metz explain why it’s risky for your Millennial attorney to sit in the hot seat.


Apparel Expert Witness Experience & Discovery Advantages – Episode 51

Apparel Expert Gabriele Goldaper discusses her experiences as an expert witness and the strategic advantages of working with experts early in discovery.


Expert Reports, Testimony Strategy, & Apparel Industry Disputes – Episode 52

Apparel Expert Gabriele Goldaper discusses juror engagement, expert witness reports and visual aids, testimony preparation, and apparel industry disputes.


Working with Experts after Proposed 702 Rule Changes

Learn why the proposed Rule 702 amendments will subject expert testimony to a higher admissibility standard and how to work with experts under the new rule.


Trademarks, Copyrights, & the Future of the Apparel Industry – Episode 53

Apparel Expert Gabriele Goldaper discusses intellectual property disputes and trends in the fashion industry and offers advice to future expert witnesses.

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