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Voir Dire Strategy: Sacrificing Your Queen

Senior Director of Jury Consulting Dr. Merrie Jo Pitera shares the effective voir dire strategy of sacrificing your key juror before the other side strikes.


Adapting Advocacy for the Post-Pandemic World

Zoom trials are here to stay. Learn how to keep jurors engaged and witnesses prepared through organized themes and helpful technology.


How Should I Introduce My Jury Consultant at Trial?

Worried about what jurors will think? Dr. Christina Marinakis explains why you should introduce your jury consultant in court and how to do so effectively.


What to Include in a Supplemental Juror Questionnaire (SJQ)

IMS Associate Jury Consultant Jorge Monroy shares the top 5 topics attorneys should include in their supplemental juror questionnaire to maximize results.

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Get the Scoop: Finding an Expert in Cat Litter

IMS located 12 expert witness candidates for a patent infringement dispute involving cat litter. Get the scoop on the selected experts and case outcome.

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