Case Studies

Trading Technologies, Inc. v. CQG

Trading Technologies v CQG 4 illustration showing who is "Still Not Honoring the Patent"

By: Scott Hilton & Jeremy Young

Our Role

IMS Consulting & Expert Services has worked with Trading Technologies, Inc. for many years, helping to successfully defend the validity and value of their patents throughout various filings, hearings, and trials. Given our established relationship and extensive knowledge of the technology, a key role for IMS was working closely with the legal team and supporting their case development months ahead of trial and being in the war room for over a month.

IMS worked closely with each presenter to clarify the key issues and facts in their story and refine the legal arguments. IMS made key graphics and animations that allowed the jury to understand the ground-breaking Graphical User Interface (GUI) in TT’s patents and to visualize how various modes of the infringing software programs operated in the same way as the patented technology. IMS built slides to help simplify and teach the jury an intricate damages model and built clear and convincing presentations for both the opening and closing statements.

Case Results

A Chicago jury found CQG’s products infringed on both of the asserted patents, upholding their validity and awarding IMS Consulting & Expert Services’ client a damages award.

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