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Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. v. Oil Insurance Ltd.

Trial presentation slide from a case study

Our Role

Canadian Natural Resources’ dispute with Oil Insurance Ltd. involved the repair of a failed underwater brace on a North Sea oil rig. The crack in the brace was 40 meters underwater which required extraordinary efforts and cost to repair. CNR needed to prove that the crack started within a weld which made the failure a manufacturing defect and therefore should be covered by insurance.

IMS | Z-Axis was hired to provide visual consulting and design and onsite support. Our team created an interactive 3D animated model of the oil platform, the underwater brace, and a detailed close-up view of the cracked area to help the arbitrators understand the structure, scale, and location of the platform and the cracked brace. The animation also included a timeline with photos of the crack taken over time which helped prove that the crack in the brace material was not “wear and tear” but a defect.

Case Results

The arbitration took place in London. It settled in favor of our client.

*Note: This casework was originally designed and produced by Z-Axis, which joined with IMS in 2022.

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