Blockchain Basics: A History of Blockchain (Seg. 1 Sec. 1) | IMS Innovation Series

A decade has passed since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the digital currency known as Bitcoin.

In honor of this milestone anniversary, IMS Consulting & Expert Services connected with top subject matter experts and litigation consultants to develop clear insights into how emerging technologies and trends in blockchain, financial technologies (fintech), and cybersecurity could impact the desks of top commercial litigators.

Our first in this IMS Innovation Series connects with Dr. Steve Kursh, an IMS Elite Expert and globally-recognized thought leader on fintech. IMS Innovation Series: Blockchain Basics explores the origin of blockchain and provides a glimpse into the world of digital currency.

“What he [Satoshi Nakamoto] suggested was to build a protocol that’s based on top of existing internet protocols,” says Dr. Steve Kursh, who teaches a graduate level course on blockchain and advises Fortune 500 brands on fintech applications across numerous verticals.



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