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The Case of the Missing Millions: Finding an Applied Investments Expert

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If you can’t trust your trustee, who can you trust? In a case involving multi-million-dollar losses to a trust fund, IMS Consulting & Expert Services was asked to find a leading authority on trust fund management.

Primary Case Issue

This case involved claims that significant trust fund investments were mismanaged and improperly diversified over a period spanning almost two decades, resulting in multi-million-dollar losses and diminished long-term investments.

Expert Witness Requirements:

  • Professor of finance and business
  • High-level knowledge concerning fixed income investment instruments and trust fund investment management
  • Ability to discuss fixed income securities, trust fund investments, and trust fund management, and to offer opinions concerning whether fiduciary duties were breached
  • Skilled at relaying financial information in terms lay people understand

Expert Witness Search:

An internal research team submitted 15 potential experts within nine business days. These expert candidates were pre-vetted by an IMS recruiter and included PhDs who possessed university-level teaching experience and had worked as professional investors.

Expert Witness Placement:

Two experts were chosen, a fixed income expert and an applied investments expert. The fixed income expert had more than eighteen years of experience in finance, economics, and investments, and served as an adjunct professor at a leading university’s school of business. The applied investments expert was a full professor who taught courses in investments, financial markets, investment instruments, and security valuation. He served on an advisory committee of the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA) and was a former visiting economist for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Case Results:

This case settled.

Internal case reference No. 5490

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