There is no such thing as a typical transportation matter. IMS trial strategists and expert partners take the time to fully understand the technologies, subject matter, and claims unique to your case.

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Whether your transportation dispute involves land, sea, or air, we go beyond facts and law by partnering with you to uncover the particular themes and overarching story that will inspire decision makers to make an emotional investment in your case. Our jury consultants test and solidify those themes and our elite team of graphic artists turn them into stunning and compelling visual imagery. Furthermore, we ensure your expert and fact witnesses are able to clearly and effectively relay the evidence that supports those themes.

When it comes time for your in-person or online trial, the judge and jurors will learn not only the who, what, when, and where of your transportation case, but also the why.

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You need an expert who can speak with authority about the precise matters at issue in your transportation case. IMS is aligned with expert witnesses who can pointedly testify concerning specific and unique forms of transportation, their component parts, and technologies. Our experts are renowned authorities in subject matters such as supply chain logistics, safety, regulatory compliance, information technology, accident reconstruction, insurance matters, financing, bankruptcy, and more. No matter what kind of testimony you require, an expert who possesses knowledge and passion in that arena exists. If that expert is not already in our database, we will find them for you.


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