IMS has a decades-long, successful performance record of helping large companies defend against mass tort litigation, multidistrict litigation, serial litigation, and class actions.

IMS partners with the world’s leading law firms in mass tort and class action cases related to pharmaceutical and medical devices, environmental and toxic contamination, large-scale catastrophes, and product defects. We also assist with class actions addressing social and civil rights, workers’ rights, data breaches, and predatory lending and financial securities fraud.

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When you are soon to go head-to-head with leading plaintiffs’ counsel, you need allies. IMS’ litigation strategists have a strong record of being on the winning side of large-scale torts and class action lawsuits. Our integrated consulting team has a keen sense of the types of themes and arguments that will motivate decision makers; we know which imagery will reinforce those themes, and we know the law. Plus, due to years of experience litigating these types of cases, we are deeply familiar with most jurisdictions and judges. Once your client’s trial begins, you can expect an expert level of courtroom and war room support and a seamless presentation of your case.

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Whether you need an expert witness to provide pre-litigation guidance or testimony in the courtroom, the IMS expert services team will ensure you are aligned with an expert who is credentialed, knowledgeable, and eloquent. In mass torts and class action lawsuits, our experts have offered opinions concerning regulatory requirements, industry design and manufacturing standards, damage assessments, and much more. Our experts are industry thought leaders and professionals who are highly knowledgeable concerning subject matters such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, industrial equipment, modes of transport, construction equipment, energy, and a wide variety of consumer products.


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More than 95% of our business comes from repeat client firms.

“After an eight-week trial, the jury had the clarity it needed to reach a defense verdict in less than a day of deliberations. From juror interviews, we learned that the jury had relied upon and understood our case because of the excellent graphics we used. IMS partnered with us not only in creating the trial graphics, but also helped us present a convincing, illustrative opening statement and closing argument. Because the jury was able to firmly grasp the technical details from the defense case, it was able to make the right call.”

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