An industry that only keeps growing, the life sciences—involving such fields as biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices—are prime targets for high-risk, high-exposure patent litigation, contracts, and mass tort lawsuits. IMS helps litigators bring these complex matters to life in the courtroom.

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Most members of the court are not scientists or doctors. When arguing science-heavy cases, countering your opponent’s claim is often sidelined by the need to teach complex case facts and obscure terminology to laypeople. Decades of experience and hundreds of cases in this industry have shown us how decision makers conceptualize and process scientific information. Through strong, memorable case themes—and the strategies and visuals to back them up—IMS consultants simplify and clarify unfamiliar science, so your most compelling case points are heard loud and clear.

Reach out to our strategy advisors to uncover your matter’s narrative underpinnings and the optimal avenues moving forward. If your case proceeds to trial, our jury consultants can perform data-driven research to strengthen that narrative from the perspective of real juror eligibles in your venue, along with statistical analyses and guidance to support informed jury selection decisions. In any form of dispute resolution, rely on our veteran visual presentation teams to deliver compelling, viewer-friendly graphics and animations. No longer worry how the court will make heads or tails of an MRI, dense medical report, or meta-analysis—a savvy presentation will bridge the knowledge divide by breaking down the science and driving home your key themes.

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We know how imperative it is to obtain the best medical and life science experts for your case. But despite all their knowledge, expert witnesses can have difficulty explaining scientific concepts to judges and juries. Beyond the stellar credentials, your witnesses must have the pedagogical tools to relay their expertise to jurors without leaving them scratching their heads.

Let us use our search resources and extensive network of top experts to locate witnesses that check all of your boxes. With IMS in your corner, you can feel confident having witnesses able to provide testimony that accentuates your case themes and puts even your toughest concepts in accessible language. The court will hear the difference.

IMS has placed experts on a wide variety of life sciences cases, including matters related to orthopedic implants, antidepressant complications with suicide and pregnancies, blood-thinning drug interactions, long-term side effects of NSAID-class drugs, interventional cardiology devices, and medical malpractice.


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