IMS has seen the gamut of claims that industrial and manufacturing companies can face, and we have been working for decades to help clients obtain favorable litigation outcomes in court.

Companies that fabricate products have expansive roles and responsibilities—and significant litigation exposure from all sides as a result. IMS has successfully aided clients representing respirator, automobile, medical device, pharmaceutical, heavy machinery, and similar manufacturers in their toughest cases.

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Jurors are frequently primed to accept common plaintiff “Reptile” tactics geared toward making them fear for the safety of the community at large, proving a constant challenge for manufacturer defendants across claim types. And in instances where a manufacturer hopes to rely on government agencies and regulations to make its case, it may soon discover that many jurors expect companies to go above and beyond those “bare minimums.” The jury pool can also carry strong preexisting attitudes and experiences related to industry and manufacturing, often further affected by their own employment experiences and the role that industry plays in their community.

For reasons like these, let IMS work with your team to discover how your audience will view the evidence, so we can leverage that information into the best case possible. With a multitude of clients in this field, IMS has performed extensive strategy sessions, pre-trial research, visual communication, and trial presentation services for claims common and rare alike. We understand technical product specs, manufacturing steps, and their implications—and we help you ensure that others do too.

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With the copious potential claims and obscure concepts involved in industrial and manufacturing cases, fact finders need explanations that are direct and crystal clear. Our number one goal is to deliver experts who are not only knowledgeable and credible, but who also appreciate the importance of translating their messages to a layperson audience. So, no matter what industry, design, process, or product needs to be discussed, we search until we identify the precise expert witness you need to tell your story effectively.

IMS has placed experts in numerous industrial and manufacturing case types, including intellectual property disputes, manufacturing defects, failure to warn/test, breach of warranty, workplace injury, regulatory compliance, antitrust, environmental, and toxic torts.


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