Using thematic storytelling, analogies, and superb visual imagery, IMS partners with attorneys and experts to help decision makers form clear understandings of time, terrain, and technologies in complex environmental cases.

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Pre-existing biases loom large in environmental cases. IMS litigation consultants rely on proven research methods, careful statistical analyses, and vast experience to help you uncover and weed out biased members of the venire. To eliminate the possibility that sitting jurors will engage in speculation, our strategy advisors partner with you to create consistent themes that relay case facts within a narrative structure that viewers will follow and remember.

It can also be difficult for courtroom viewers to comprehend environmental issues that took place over decades, cover large expanses of land or water, or involve complicated processes and equipment. Our world-class graphics team solidifies your case facts through powerful imagery—from high-end videography, drone footage, and 3D animation to clear charts and timelines. We can even virtually bring the environmental scene to the courtroom, granting the judge and jury a firsthand view of your case.

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Fact finders rely upon the testimony of expert witnesses only after they are satisfied that the experts do indeed possess specialized, applicable knowledge and experience.

Over the past 30 years, IMS has developed relationships with experts who are the foremost leaders in their fields. And if your environmental case requires a rare specialist not presently in our database, we have sophisticated search systems in place to locate the best possible candidate for your precise needs. IMS then provides best-in-class support throughout your expert engagement.


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