Energy & Natural Resources

IMS has provided expert witness, litigation graphics, and jury consulting support for more than a hundred matters related to energy and natural resources.

Place Judges and Juries at the Site

Our trial consultants and graphic designers use a variety of tools to create compelling and winning visuals for our clients in support of their environmental and toxic tort litigation. From illustrating the concept of trace toxicity to creating “virtual tours” that place jurors at site-specific locations, we specialize in providing judges and juries with perspective—that element all too rare in cases where emotions can run high and expert testimony can be wielded to exploit any angle. Whether through traditional graphics, animation, or video, we have the expertise to help tell the story you need to tell.

Unrivaled Experience

Our expert services team has provided over 100 expert placements concerning land use, coastal erosion, and environmental/toxic torts, including:

  • Global LNG market expert
  • Oil & gas company auditing expert experienced in processes and apparatuses for making LDPE polymers
  • Inspection/quality assurance expert
  • Civil engineering expert
  • Surface water expert
  • Emergency evacuation planning expert
  • California roadway design expert
  • Geotechnical soils engineer
  • Coastal geotechnical engineer

  • Coastal/beach erosion expert
  • Sociology expert
  • Wildlife biologist
  • Public health expert
  • Architecture/shadows expert
  • Academic planning expert
  • Construction engineering expert
  • Noise/acoustics expert
  • Urban planning expert
  • Traffic expert

Together We Win

Energy & Natural Resources

The IMS team can align you with premier energy & natural resource experts and offer tailored litigation consulting services to help ensure you succeed at trial.

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Case Studies

Deepwater Horizon Litigation

IMS Consulting & Expert Services partnered with Anadarko’s experts and litigation team to develop graphics and animation teaching all aspects of what led up to the disaster and the ensuing investigation.

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