IMS can align you with premier energy and natural resource experts and offer tailored litigation consulting to help you obtain more favorable outcomes.

In an industry frequently subject to negative press and pre-existing biases, not to mention well-known monikers like “Big Oil,” your energy or natural resource client may find the odds stacked against them in the courtroom. Our team has worked high-stakes cases across the industry, featuring contract disputes, health and personal injury, environmental contamination, erosion, mineral rights, underground trespass, and more.

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Despite its notoriety, the actual functions and processes of the energy and natural resources industry remain obscure to your average courtroom viewer. For them to appreciate your position, you must understand the distinct views and expectations of those in your jurisdiction—and frame your case in words that speak to them.

IMS offers no shortage of reliable, science- and psychology-backed methods for crafting a cogent, memorable narrative. We can then take your great story to the next level with state-of-the-art, intuitive graphics. From illustrating the concept of “trace toxicity” to assembling high-definition, drone-footage “virtual tours” that place viewers right on site, we specialize in providing judges and juries with perspective—an element all too rare in cases where emotions can run high and testimony can be wielded to exploit any angle. Whether through traditional graphics, animation, or video, we help you tell the story you need to tell.

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The energy and natural resources industry is known for provoking volatile public opinions, and those views extend to how decision makers will perceive the expert witnesses you employ. While some expect years of experience to denote credibility, others see frequent expert work as the mark of a corporate mouthpiece.

Such considerations are why IMS works closely with you to match each expert to your precise case matters and venue. Our expert services team has provided well over 100 expert placements concerning land use, coastal erosion, and environmental/toxic torts. And with seamless support for the life of your expert engagement, you can focus on your case rather than any administrative concerns.


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