Data security breaches can not only put the privacy of intellectual property, financials, client lists, and employee data at risk, it can cost billions of dollars. IMS will respond quickly with the right expertise to get your client back in business.

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The effects of a cybersecurity breach can be far-reaching and complex. Laying out your case to a jury, judge, or arbitrator involves demonstrating the significance of compromised business operations and financial data, protected information of clients, business contacts, and employees, and assessing your client’s financial losses.

At IMS we help convey your argument in a clear and precise manner to decision makers through strategy consulting, insightful research, and visual presentations and tutorials on complex matters such as cyberattacks, data breaches, criminal access to intellectual property, and ransomware attacks. Our experienced trial technicians allow you to focus all your mental energy on presenting a winning case for your client.

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When a cyberattack occurs, responding in a timely way is essential to stemming your client’s losses. You need immediate help from the right expert to address all your concerns on the ground—and in the courtroom.

IMS is your best resource to quickly secure a highly qualified expert who can guide you in a cyberattack response plan and perform as an expert witness at trial. We partner with you for the duration of the engagement to ensure that you are receiving the best possible service with the most qualified experts available.


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