Complex banking cases present unique challenges. Our full range of services ensures that even the most complicated cases can be communicated effectively to decision makers.

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In a sector people tend to mistrust, involving concepts that can be dense and unfamiliar, putting forth a compelling case requires special considerations. IMS consultants understand the difficulties counsel faces and present clear solutions backed by scientific methodology and decades of experience. Where courtroom viewers might otherwise use their own experiences and biases to fill gaps in their understanding, our cohesive themes, research insights, and captivating graphics will help you fill those gaps with the evidence that supports your story. You will gain peace of mind with our experienced team at your side in the war room and courtroom.

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The right expert witness not only knows their field inside and out, but how to relay that information in terms the court will pay attention to and understand.

Instead of getting caught in the weeds, IMS makes sure you obtain an expert with the right qualities to testify credibly, knowledgeably, and impactfully about the financial concepts at hand—no matter how intricate the details may be.


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More than 95% of our business comes from repeat client firms.

“I defend complex financial cases that need to be visually translated for lay judges and jurors who are totally mystified by the facts, and the team at IMS has always delivered understandable and compelling graphics. Just as importantly, their creative ideas have proven invaluable for my understanding of the case.”

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“IMS quickly custom-matched the expert to our needs. Once engaged, their expert totally impressed me, my client, and our opposition.”

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