Destination to Expertise: Virtual Support

A Team You Can Trust

As you plan for another year of virtual and/or hybrid trials, you need a team you can count on—both on site and online. With 15+ years of experience in remote proceedings, IMS is your destination to expertise in virtual dispute resolution services.

Whether you are preparing for a Zoom trial, remote mediation, or international arbitration, count on our industry-leading virtual services. The same team you trust in the courtroom is primed to expertly manage your online legal proceedings.

Online Proceedings Are Here to Stay

Picture this: Your client has trusted you to handle their complex matter and your remote proceeding is quickly approaching. The court just requested a video conference that requires a complex setup.

Your focus should be on your case—not the complexity of virtual technology. IMS can help.

Industry-Leading Virtual Services

Our TrialLink® virtual services are secure, reliable, and seamless to help you succeed in any setting—so you can confidently deliver virtual advocacy for your client.

Whether you need a simple office “set” or a full off-site production, we bring the remote studio to you. IMS’s broadcast-quality equipment and technical support ensure you look and sound great while minimizing distractions.

Just like a studio set, you come in and make your case without ever touching the technology. Our technician serves as a production engineer—managing your virtual exhibits in real time.

Confidence in Any Remote Setting

When your high-stakes trial, mediation, or arbitration calls for expertise in remote presentations, let the IMS virtual services team help you present your best case online.

We are committed to delivering for you—so you can deliver for your client. Together, we win.


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