Destination to Expertise: Trial Presentation

Expert Trial Technicians

When you present your case in court, you need a trusted team at your side. With the experience of 20,000+ cases across all practice areas, IMS is your destination to expertise for trial presentation services.

Trial presentation is both an art and a science. Like all art, it requires patience and practice to achieve perfection. Bring our experienced, award-winning trial techs into your corner so you can focus your mental energy on presenting a winning case for your client.

Collaboration in the Courtroom

To advance even the most complex cases, you need a trial team that works in perfect unison.

We have the perspective, the experience, and the stamina to pull together through the long days and nights of trial.

War Room & Hot Seat Support

As integrated members of your trial team, we provide war room support and seamless in-person and remote presentation of your case.

With the peace of mind that brings, you are free to focus on your critical role in the courtroom, as we handle all technical aspects of presentation.

Powerful Trial Presentations

Be confident that the judge and jury will see exactly what you want them to see, precisely when you want them to see it. With our skilled trial technicians, you can count on rigorous preparation and flawless delivery of every aspect of your presentation.

The IMS trial presentation team is committed to delivering for you—so you can deliver for your client. Together, we win.


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