Destination to Expertise: Trial Graphics

Illustrate Your Argument

As you devise your case theme and arguments, you need a creative team who can bring your story to life. With 30 years’ experience in trial consulting and graphic design, IMS is your destination to expertise in visual communication for complex litigation.

Clear, compelling designs can more than double a juror’s ability to recall your evidence. Using in-depth knowledge of design theory and the psychology of courtroom viewers, our trial graphics team produces powerful demonstratives in all forms of media.

Teach and Persuade the Jury

When art meets science, you win. The promise of your thematic strategy comes to life as our trial consultants and graphic designers work together to conceive, design, and produce graphics that have a major impact on how the jury sees your case.

Together, we transform complex fact patterns and complicated technical matters into easily understood, compelling, and persuasive visual presentations that will resonate with your jury—and help them recall your evidence during deliberations.

Tell a Convincing Visual Story

Leave a mark they’ll remember. With smartly designed visual advocacy, we’ll help the decision-makers become effective advocates for your side during deliberations.

The IMS trial graphics team is committed to delivering for you—so you can deliver for your client. Together, we win.

Case Studies

IBM Corp. v. Groupon, Inc

IMS Consulting & Expert Services teamed up with Desmarais and their robust team of experts, including some of the original contributors of the two patents originally created for Prodigy, an IBM-affiliate that was a forerunner of the modern internet in the ‘80s and ‘90s, to explain to the jury how Groupon infringed IBM’s.

Case Studies

Trading Technologies, Inc. v. CQG

IMS Consulting & Expert Services worked with a team from McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff to defend our client’s, Trading Technologies Inc., patents for a second time in front of a jury in Chicago. The infringement case proved that the defendant, CQG, had built electronic trading tools with a static price column for order entry to allow their clients faster and more accurate trading, the crux of the patented TT technology. The jury confirmed the novelty of TT’s invention and its importance as a tool for electronic trading in future commodities markets.

Case Studies

Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Plan Trust v. PwC

Charged with explaining the auditors’ public duty and responsibilities to the jury, IMS worked side by side with lead plaintiff attorney Steven Thomas and the trial team over several months to develop trial graphics and demonstrative aids for key motions, opening statement, and use with expert witnesses.


Leveraging Graphics and the Tools of Persuasion at Trial and in Remote Settings – Episode 14

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