Destination to Expertise: Our 2022 Commitment to You

Dedicated to Your Success

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As you prepare for the new year and new trials ahead, you need a team you can rely on.

Going to trial is our business. After 30 years and 2,000 completed trials, IMS is your trusted destination for expertise through every stage of litigation. With our integrated trial support services, you’ll gain peace of mind—and the competitive edge.

Consulting & Expert Services for Complex Litigation

There is a reason why the country’s top trial attorneys trust IMS. From first thought to finish, our work spans two hemispheres of talent: passion and precision, clarity and context, art and science, strategy and execution.

Together, these elements form a powerful combination. Together, we find order in the chaos. Together, we win.

Position Yourself to Win with IMS

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Start the new year with the five essential tools you need at your next trial:

  1. A well-developed strategy and compelling case story.
  2. Impactful expert witnesses who clarify the complex and influence the court.
  3. Rigorous jury research to test and validate your case strategy.
  4. Powerful visual advocacy to engage and educate the decision-makers.
  5. Flawlessly delivered courtroom presentations with seamless technology.

Whether your next proceeding is in court or online (or a hybrid combination), rely on IMS trial professionals to help position you to win. As an extension of your trial team, we are committed to delivering for you—so you can deliver for your client.


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