Destination to Expertise: Jury Consulting

Validate Your Strategy and Story

When you implement your case strategy, you need to be confident it will resonate in your jurors’ minds. With a credentialed team of psychology and legal professionals, IMS is your destination to expertise in jury research and jury selection.

Validation of your trial strategy requires jury research to maximize the chances your client will win. From mock trials to focus groups to juror questionnaires, our jury consultants use a variety of tools to help you understand how jurors will receive and process your case.

Gain Early Jury Insight

Get into the minds of your jury, sooner.

Early in your case, our jury consultants provide crucial insight into how jurors will perceive key issues, evidence, and testimony; as well as how to select the potential jurors most likely to become your advocate in deliberations.

Uncover Jurors’ Core Values

Using our proven and exclusive Theory of Core Values and years of trial experience, IMS jury consultants know what motivates jurors’ decision-making.

We know how to create and test your integrated strategies—and prepare persuasive cases.

Achieve Actionable Results

Rely on our trusted research methods to help you frame arguments and optimize evidence for the best possible outcome. On trial day, your case will be solid, persuasive, and powerful.

The IMS jury consulting team is committed to delivering for you—so you can deliver for your client. Together, we win.


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