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With globalization comes more cross-border disputes, and our vast experience in complex legal disputes has generated a list of long-standing clients from law firms, expert firms, corporations, and governments worldwide. This experience positions IMS | Z-Axis Global at the forefront of visual consulting and expertise for international arbitration. Across the globe, our team provides insight and support through every stage of your dispute.

Worldwide Arbitration Experience

Government of the Republic of Singapore v. Government of Malaysia

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd v. Oil Insurance Ltd.

Foster Wheeler v. Norscan Tech

Adisseo France SAS v. Rhodia Eco Services Sufurique

ThermaSource Management Services International and ThermaSource Nicaragua y Cia. Ltda. v. Polaris Energy Nicaragua, S.A.

GML & Yukos v. The Russian Federation

Vivendi v. the Republic of Poland

Ecuador v. Colombia

Rely on strategic visual communication and clear, convincing expertise to help your client resolve their international business dispute.

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Having worked in numerous countries with different languages, IMS | Z-Axis Global is a logical choice for international disputes that require strategic visual messaging. Our strength lies in solving communication challenges based on complicated technical or legal issues and developing thoughtfully designed presentations that help you deliver a powerful argument.

The IMS | Z-Axis Global team pioneered the use of interactive technology in legal proceedings and offers industry-leading multimedia services. Our media production specialists utilize innovative tools—including animation, 3D models, and drone footage—to bring your claims to life. Our proprietary chronology tool Chronos® combines interactive timelines, maps, and exhibits to further illustrate why the tribunal should award your client.

Search Impactful Expert Testimony

When your complex cross-border dispute requires expertise in a highly specialized industry, IMS will locate the precise expert witness to meet your needs and advance your claim. We are pioneers in the expert witness industry and go beyond a detailed search of our global network. Our recruitment and engagement process ensures you are quickly matched with your ideal expert and that you both receive dedicated support throughout the case.

Our expert partners not only possess rare and specific knowledge in niche areas, but they are able to effectively convey complicated information to a diverse audience while emphasizing the key themes of your case. To further align with your legal strategy, our presentation consultants can also work with experts to design and refine their presentations and testimony.

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More than 95% of our business comes from repeat client firms.

“Our clients were quite impressed by both sets of detailed animations, and the tribunal was very engaged when I was talking through them, so overall it was a success! Your team really helped to bring our claim alive.”

—Partner, Global Arbitration, Chambers & Partners Band 1 Firm